Frequently Asked Questions

October 16, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions From Guests

Q 1:   Is the interview in a studio or over the phone?
A:   Radio shows:  Interviews are in-person, in our studio.
       Podcast Shows: Interviews are both in-studio and call-in.

Q 2:   How long is the show and how early should I arrive?
A:   Shows vary from 30-60 minutes (see show schedules). Please arrive at least 20 minutes EARLYfor sound checks and pre-show prep. Guests arriving after we’re on-air will not able to join us in the studio and may be re-booked.

Q 3:   Will I be the only guest interviewed?
A:   There will most likely be other guests in the studio. However, each guest will have their own interview segment.

Q 4:  What kinds of questions will I be asked?
A:  You supply the questions/topics you would like to discuss via our on-line guest booking request form. This helps ensure we meet your objectives for your appearance, and you come away with a tool to provide maximum post-show viral marketing for you.

Q 5:  Will there be any “surprise” questions?
A:   No, we are not 60 minutes, so no “gotcha” questions.  We are unabashedly Pro Business!

Q 6:  Is there a cost to be on the show?
A:  No, we are earned media and show guests are by invitation only. We’re like PBS for business, commercial free and never charge guests to tell their story.

Q 7:  Is the radio show live or recorded?
A:  Shows are both live and recorded.

Q 8:  How do I listen to the show?
A:   Live shows:  Click “Play” on the “LISTEN LIVE!” tab.
Recorded shows:  Select “Radio, Podcast or TV” tab, then choose your episode to play or download.

Q 9:  Where is the Atlanta studio located, contact info etc.?
A:  Click on the “About Us” tab to view building location, social media, etc.


After the show PBC provides each guest with their interview, photos and video so you may  “Convert Your Conversation to Content”!! to share with your network and promote your business!

…and contact us if you would like to learn how to “Convert Your Content to Cashflow”!!

Still Have a Question, Not Answered Here?

Feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” tab.