June 4, 2017

Driving Business Faster – Office Angels for Established and Emerging Companies


Driving Business Faster - Office Angels for Established and Emerging Companies Essie Escobedo, Chief Executive Angel Company:  Office Angels When Essie Escobedo majored in physics, she had no idea that she would apply her knowledge about how the universe works to the world of business. Essie launched Office Angels in 2000 after a 25-year career as a successful small business owner. During that time, she honed her gifts of exceptional interpersonal skills and a sharp intellect, while gaining hands-on knowledge about successful business management. After observing a large and growing number of credentialed, seasoned individuals with outstanding skills and proven track records who had left corporate America, Essie saw a stellar opportunity. These professionals may have left the full-time workforce, but they wanted to continue working—on their schedules. Essie realized these professionals could bring expertise and a level of professionalism to a job that most small businesses could not otherwise afford. Compelled by her strong entrepreneurial character and drive to help people succeed, she developed a unique business model that addresses two needs: Office Angels helps small business owners focus on business priorities, while Angels perform a range of essential but often-neglected “back office” operations in areas such as administrative support, bookkeeping, and marketing. At the same time, Office Angels provides meaningful work to highly experienced and trained business professionals who wish to work on a flexible, part-time, freelance, or project basis. Topics to Discuss: When and why did you start Office Angels? How is Office Angels different from a traditional staffing agency? What kinds of services does Office Angels provide? How does the process work? How does one know when his/she is ready to work with Office Angels? How does one evaluate the cost/benefit of working with Office Angels? Web Site: www.OfficeAngels.us

Cecilia Roach, Principal Pivot Point Group

Topics to Discuss: How marketing can generate sales for small businesses Website or Links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cecilia-roach-b956661

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