May 16, 2017

Buckhead Business Show – The Scorecard Solution, Success Institute and Goal Mettle Academy


Buckhead Business Show - The Scorecard Solution, Success Institute and Goal Mettle Academy Dan King Close Reach Consulting Dan is an advisor to senior executives and Boards in the areas of business transformation and growth. He helps Business Leaders “get it right” when it comes to strategy, execution and talent. As founder of Close Reach Consulting Group, Dan utilizes a proprietary organizational performance diagnostic that pinpoints vulnerabilities. This scorecard approach keeps a management team focused on the right things and leads to what Dan refers to as a culture of competence. Dan’s passion is to create business environments in which people can thrive. He believes that no business can win until the people doing the work every day are winning. Dan’s thirty-year business career includes senior executive roles in Fortune 50 companies and high growth mid-market enterprises, the most recent being a venture backed consumer services company recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies five out of seven years. Dan is a published author, The Scorecard Solution….Measure What Matters to Drive Sustainable Growth and frequent speaker at CEO forums. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Topics to Discuss: Bridging the Strategy - Talent Chasm The Elements of Excellence...Attributes of Great Companies Web Site / Social Media:

Jimmy Farris Farris Success Institute / Goal Mettle Academy

I am professional speaker and consultant. As a retired NFL veteran and Super Bowl Champion, I have spent my life setting and achieving goals. Through ups and downs, successes and failures, I have found that the key to excellence in everything I've done is mental toughness. I have been fortunate to be coached, mentored, and trained by some of the finest leaders across many industries. My life experiences have taught me that you're either getting better or getting worse, but never staying the same. Applying the mental toughness secrets we teach at Mental Toughness University and Goal Mettle Academy is the key to continued growth in your personal and professional life. I am dedicated to serving others and passionate about assisting companies and individuals achieve success. Goal Mettle Academy is the most effective and comprehensive goal-setting workshop ever conducted. We break down the science and psychology behind setting and achieving goals so that you can get more of the things you want in life and live your dreams. Mental Toughness University is a comprehensive mental training process that moves sales and management teams from good to great. Mental Toughness trains people how to control their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, before, during, and after a performance. Especially under pressure. MTU is a process, not a program. It’s about training people how to THINK like world-class performers, and how to control and manipulate their own emotions for MAXIMUM performance. MTU is a cross between emotional intelligence training and critical thinking. It’s an introspective process that causes people to examine their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs and how those directly impact their results. We call the process, ‘Facilitated Introspection’. The 6-hour program is an awakening to expose participants to the process and show them there’s a higher level of emotional competence and mental performance than they are experiencing. When I was in the 5th grade, my teacher handed out a blank sheet of paper and asked us to draw a picture of where we saw ourselves in 15 years. There was no doubt my dream was to be a football player when I grew up. I was a huge New York Giants fan, so I drew a stick figure of myself in a Giants uniform and wrote "In 15 years I will be playing linebacker for the New York Giants." I never asked myself if it was possible, realistic, attainable, reasonable, or any of the other silly and irrelevant questions we adul...

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