July 27, 2017

Blockchain, Authority Marketing and Reputation Marketing on Buckhead Business Show


Blockchain, Authority Marketing and Reputation Marketing on Buckhead Business Show

Hunter Prendergast Mimir Blockchain Solutions

Hunter Prendergast is an Electrical Engineer with a specialization in Computer Engineering. He holds a diverse background in computer and system security/design that includes work as a naval nuclear reactor operator, naval instrumentation and control equipment network administrator, and photovoltiac system engineer. Hunter was introduced to blockchain technology by Nicholas Fierro who is a founding partner of Mimir Blockchain Solutions. Nicholas has worked in the blockchain space since 2014 where he worked with the Ethereum Foundation in Switzerland during the pre-sale formulation. Since this time Nicholas and Hunter have worked together to fully understand the blockchain world from the bottom up. They began this work building automated cryptocurrency trading engines that utilized artificial intelligence to predict market fluctuations. More recently they observed the limitations of blockchain technology from the perspective of accessibility. Resolving this issue has been Hunter's primary focus for some time now, and has resulted in a suit of tools that is poised to cause disruption in the blockchain ecosystem.

Topics to Discuss: The concept of a blockchain What a blockchain facilitates. Why Ethereum is different than most blockchains. Why this technology should be viewed as an infrastructure (for now). Why caution should be used when interacting with this technology.

Web Site / Social Media Links: MimirBlockchain.solutions

Michael Hammock Q2 Digital

Topics to Discuss: Authority Marketing Reputation Management vs. Reputation Marketing

Web Site / Social Media Links: www.q2digital.com https://www.facebook.com/Q2DigitalMarketing  

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