Brent Leary, CRM Essentials and Amazon on Georgia Business Radio Brent Leary, Managing Partner CRM Essentials, LLC Brent Leary is Co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC, a CRM consulting/advisory firm focused on small and mid-size enterprises. He has over 15 years of IT and management consulting experience working on projects for Microsoft, Research In Motion, BellSouth, Compaq and the state of Georgia’s Department of Economic Development. Leary received CRM Magazine’s 2004 Most Influential Leader Award along with his business partner Michael Thomas. He serves on the national board of the Customer Relationship Management Association as Vice President of Technology, and as CRM subject matter expert for the Small Business Technology Task Force. His articles have been featured in Direct Marketing News, CRMGuru.com and DestinationCRM.com, in addition to his regular business solutions column for various publications, including The Network Journal and the Atlanta Tribune. Leary earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting from the University of Delaware and a MBA concentrating in MIS from Widener University. He hosts the Technology for Business $ake program, which airs on Business Talk 1160AM and www.BusinessTechnologyRadio.com. His popular blog can be found at www.brentleary.com. Specialties: customer relationship management, workshop development and presentation, article/case study writing on the following subjects: crm, small business technology usage, minority business technology usage, leveraging web 2.0 technologies and strategies to engage customers and prospects Topics to Discuss: Amazon.com http://www.zdnet.com/article/prime-day-a-showcase-for-amazons-engagement-echosystem Web Site / Social Media Links: www.brentleary.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/brentleary Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrentLeary

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Blockchain, Authority Marketing and Reputation Marketing on Buckhead Business Show

Hunter Prendergast Mimir Blockchain Solutions

Hunter Prendergast is an Electrical Engineer with a specialization in Computer Engineering. He holds a diverse background in computer and system security/design that includes work as a naval nuclear reactor operator, naval instrumentation and control equipment network administrator, and photovoltiac system engineer. Hunter was introduced to blockchain technology by Nicholas Fierro who is a founding partner of Mimir Blockchain Solutions. Nicholas has worked in the blockchain space since 2014 where he worked with the Ethereum Foundation in Switzerland during the pre-sale formulation. Since this time Nicholas and Hunter have worked together to fully understand the blockchain world from the bottom up. They began this work building automated cryptocurrency trading engines that utilized artificial intelligence to predict market fluctuations. More recently they observed the limitations of blockchain technology from the perspective of accessibility. Resolving this issue has been Hunter's primary focus for some time now, and has resulted in a suit of tools that is poised to cause disruption in the blockchain ecosystem.

Topics to Discuss: The concept of a blockchain What a blockchain facilitates. Why Ethereum is different than most blockchains. Why this technology should be viewed as an infrastructure (for now). Why caution should be used when interacting with this technology.

Web Site / Social Media Links: MimirBlockchain.solutions

Michael Hammock Q2 Digital

Topics to Discuss: Authority Marketing Reputation Management vs. Reputation Marketing

Web Site / Social Media Links: www.q2digital.com https://www.facebook.com/Q2DigitalMarketing  

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Capital Club Radio Interviews Jenny Pruitt of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty

Jenny Pruitt Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty

Jenny Pruitt, a third-generation Atlantan, is revered as a community advocate and philanthropist and respected nationally as a visionary real estate leader. Her strong business acumen has led to more than four distinguished decades of success in the Atlanta residential real estate arena.

Jenny began her real estate career in 1968 before establishing Jenny Pruitt & Associates in 1988. In 2007, she and her business partner, David Boehmig, opened Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty. The company’s 400 agents are among the most accomplished real estate professionals in Metro Atlanta, with more than $2.3 billion in sales in 2016.

She is the recipient of numerous accolades, including the Atlanta REALTORS® Association’s E.A. Isakson Award; the Sally Washburn Lifetime Achievement Award; and REALTOR® of the Year – 1980; the Georgia Small Business Person of the Year; and is an inductee of the Business Hall of Fame at Georgia State University, the YWCA Academy of Women Achievers and the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame. Jenny was the 2016 recipient of the Four Pillar Award from The Council for Quality Growth, which recognizes the pillars to be quality, responsibility, vision and integrity and celebrates her philanthropic endeavors as well as significant contributions to economic development in Metro Atlanta.

Jenny is committed to helping Atlanta maintain its exceptional quality of life through her philanthropic service, humanitarian support and volunteer commitments. She is active with Habitat for Humanity, and serves on the Board of Councilors for the Carter Center and the Board of the Directors of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. She is also a Director of the Buckhead Coalition. In October 2015, Jenny released her book, Beneath His Wings, which follows her walk of faith in the marketplace, while offering guidance and inspiration.

Jenny and her husband, Bob, have been married for 50 years. They have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

Web Site / Social Media Links: Atlantafinehomes.com https://twitter.com/atlfinehomessir https://www.facebook.com/atlfinehomessir

Capital Club Radio Hosted by: Michael Flock Sponsored by: Flock Specialty Finance

Providing a forum for leaders in the middle market segment which has typically been undeserved by traditional banking.

Listeners gain valuable business insights and perspectives to deal with market uncertainty. Topics include: key success factors, both personal and professional, dealing with adversity, outlook for the industry and your business.

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Franchise Business Radio - Public Relations, Marketing, Creative Services and Discovery Point Child Development Centers Amy Rosenberg, Director, KQ Atlanta Kingdom Quality Communications Born from a desire to provide unparalleled quality, the KQ founders opened a full-service communications firm focused on offering top-notch public relations, marketing and creative services to nonprofits, small businesses and faith-based organizations. In the beginning, we had no idea what was in store for us. We knew there was a need in our community for a firm comprised of genuinely good listeners, who, with integrity and authenticity, could turn goals and ideas into quality services that consistently surpass expectations. Since our humble beginnings, our client base has grown considerably, and our office has relocated several times to accommodate our expanding business and talented team. In April 2016, we opened a second location in Atlanta, GA where we were immediately met with clients in search of the type and level of service KQ is known to provide. We have been recognized with awards locally, regionally and nationally. Most recently, KQ received the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) VOX honors in three of the four categories in which we were nominated, including a top honor for our work with Memphis City Beautiful’s Faith in Action event and Gold honors for our work with the City of Memphis’ Office of Youth Services (annual report) and the Shelby County Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Task Force (media relations). The 2015 wins follow PRSA VOX wins in 2014 and 2010. In 2011, KQ received national recognition with a PRNews Platinum Award for promotions of the Chick-fil-A 5K. In 2015, KQ accepted the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) award in two categories and three American Graphic Design awards from Graphic Design USA. We have established ourselves as a premier firm, serving individuals and organizations in the business, government, education, nonprofit, health care and faith-based sectors. Our continued growth serves as a daily reminder of God’s presence in our company. We are honored to serve our community by providing our best to each and every client. KQ has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a nationally certified SBE, MBE and DBE. Topics to Discuss: What is KQ Communications Do you have specific industries you work within What made KQ expand to the Atlanta market What sets KG apart from other PR and marketing firms in Atlanta What should businesses be doing differently to better market themselves Why do businesses need PR Web Site / Social Media Links: http://kqcommunications.com https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/309715 https://twitter.com/KQ_Comm https://www.facebook.com/KQCommunications https://www.linkedin.com/in/amyjociusrosenberg https://twitter.com/ajocius

Andrea Moore Discovery Point Child Development Centers Executive Director of Operations & Training About Discovery Point Quality Child Care. Healthy Children. Since 1988, Discovery Point has been committed to providing the best early childhood education possible to your children. We set our standards as high as possible in our curriculum, our staff, and our health and safety policies. Everything we do is dedicated to helping children grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially through our “whole-child” approach. Our program is backed by research and evidence, ensuring that our children receive the very best education for the very best development. More importantly, our staff are hired according to our values and vision—as a result, each of our children receive an abundance of love and attention that helps them grow into healthy, well-adjusted students and people. Every Discovery Point Child Development Center is designed from the ground up to be a welcoming and beautiful space for our children. From the open floor plan to the activities we schedule,


Buckhead Business Show - Atlanta Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being, TEDx Talk on Defusing Stress with Mindful Mojo Dennis Buttimer Company: Atlanta Center for Mindfulness & Well-Being Stress is the #1 health epidemic in this country and it is costing businesses over $330 billion annually. Three out of four employees report that stress is impacting and impeding their performance and productivity at home and at work. The World Health Organization reports that by the year 2020, stress, anxiety and depression will be the #1 disability in the world. In fact, one in twelve employees currently report that they are so overwhelmed that they have actually contemplated suicide. This is impacting morale, productivity, and communication. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can help transform the stress your organization is experiencing into higher levels of energy, innovation, and performance. Our keynotes, corporate trainings, and peak performance coaching leverage the power of mindfulness and motivation to cultivate a more productive and high-performing workplace! Inquire today about our most requested programs: Mindful Mojo for Peak Performance™ Mindful Leadership: Engage Employees and Boost Your Business™ Leading with Leverage: The 4 C’s of Mindful Leadership™ We have spent the last few decades of our lives dedicated to helping people defuse stress and live more mindfully. And we can help you. We have master’s degrees in psychology, certifications in coaching, backgrounds in corporate, and specialize in behavioral psychology in the workplace. As peak performance coaches, speakers and trainers, our programs help you and your team: Defuse stress and enjoy peak performance Develop leadership excellence Create high performing teams Improve productivity and focus Improve engagement and commitment Topics to Discuss: Experience of doing TEDx Talk on Defusing Stress with Mindful Mojo Mindfulness coaching, Executive coaching Web Site/Social Media: www.PathToBestSelf.com https://twitter.com/ATLMindfulCtr https://www.facebook.com/Atlanta-Center-for-Mindfulness-Well-Being-648097228600612/ https://www.instagram.com/atlantacentermindfulness/

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Georgia Business Radio - Medicine and Marketing Company: Harris Allen Group

Dr. Harris Allen Who we are we? Value-driven Population Health: A management and measurement system that tackles this challenge with an evolving integration of proven methods for value and population health that has reached critical mass and is ready for broader use. ​ A consortium of national experts and partner organizations devoted to the science and management of VDPH and supporting its use to improve outcomes and reduce costs in community and stakeholder settings. At 17.8% (the latest estimate), healthcare’s share of U.S. GDP is 1.5 times that of second-ranked France; by 2025, the Office of the Actuary for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has projected that this share will be 20.1% On our current path, the Congressional Office projects that by 2040 the public debt will exceed 100% of U.S. GDP, with healthcare by far and away the biggest contributor Yet, the Commonwealth Fund and others report that U.S. health outcomes continue to be mediocre at best (e.g., 27th among OECD countries nations in life expectancy at birth) ​ Our underachieving and unsustainable healthcare system is increasingly jeopardizing not only patient/consumers but each of the stakeholder groups enacting roles that one way or another serve them. A system of objectives, measures and tools that answers and acts on these questions This system is differentiated by group and based on the role requirements of each Its management aspires to wise investments prioritized by outcomes-to-costs evidence The same outcomes-to-costs analytic format applies across groups and promotes the magic of the marketplace; i.e., incentives to model success both within and across groups. Topics to Discuss: The Problem Our healthcare costs are high and getting higher even as our aggregate health outcomes remain mediocre - a dilemma that has U.S. healthcare on an underachieving and unsustainable path.

Web Site / Social Media Links: https://www.vdph.us http://www.harrisallengroup.com/home/purchasers-providers-plans-suppliers linkedin.com/in/harris-allen-phd-6095001

Sheldon Tyndall Organization / Company Name: Great Reveal -Demystifying Healthcare Costs Promoting healthcare related conference events, rural healthcare and innovative technology “game changers” to improve costs and health. My entire career has been in the Healthcare IT industry and I'm honored to have provided management and leadership for companies like West Georgia Health System, Wellstar, Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center & several others. My latest project is the Great Reveal (www.GreatReveal.com) conference scheduled for September 13, 2017 at the Atlanta Galleria ballroom. This conference is uniquely designed to bring all companies who have a significant employee healthcare spend together with solution partners across the spectrum of reducing healthcare costs & improving population health! S4 Events, LLC is a multi-industry event management company specializing in creating conferences, recreational and business experiences with excellence and high customer satisfaction. We bring businesses together in a dynamic, collaborative and fun environment through conferences, retreats and other events that relate to the healthcare industry or healthcare costs of business operations. •Creating healthcare related conferences through expert companies & desired customers •Developing collaborative and dynamic relationships to effect business growth •Bringing the client and the solution together •Experienced in healthcare IT industry from hospitals, physicians & technology companies •S4 is creating a unique healthcare costs reduction conference series across all industries •Uniquely qualified to partner with healthcare professionals & solution providers Topics to Discuss: Creating event at Galleria Atlanta to bring solution vendors & most any size company interested in reducing healthcare c...


Buckhead Business Show - Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Compassionate Capitalism and Local Community Publications

Maria Peck New Role to Helm ACE’s Hispanic Initiative Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs Inc.

Maria Peck, previously the director of the ACE Women’s Center, will lead one of ACE’s biggest projects slated to begin this year. Peck will lead the nonprofit’s Hispanic initiative, starting in the Gwinnett area. “After three years of serving in the community as director of the ACE Women’s Business Center, I’m eager to have an impact on the local Hispanic community’s business growth by helping provide better access to capital,” says Peck. “I look forward to watching firsthand the tangible outcomes that can result from a business owner’s infusion of capital.”

Peck’s focus will be on providing access to commercial loans of $50,000 and greater and being visible in the Hispanic community by giving presentations and collaborating with other organizations. Peck started working at ACE as a microlender after working with ACCION USA (a national microlender), owning her own business, and gaining more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience in Atlanta and New York.

About Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs Inc. (ACE) ACE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and CDFI loan fund that provides loans and business consulting services to help borrowers throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia create and grow stable, sustainable businesses that generate jobs. Founded in 1999, ACE has loaned more than $39 million to about 725 entrepreneurs, which has created or saved more than 6,200 jobs in Georgia.

Topics to Discuss: What does your new role as entail/what will you be doing? Tell us about ACE's Hispanic Initiative. What communities/cities/counties will you be working with? Tell us more about what types of loans ACE provides to entrepreneurs?

Also, upcoming events: Set Your Financial Goals! For Business Owners

ACE Women's Business Center, July 22 - 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.

Small Business Access to Capital ACE Women's Business Center, July 27 - 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Mega Accelerator Cobb Galleria, July 29 - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Web Site / Social Media Links: www.AceLoans.org https://www.facebook.com/Access-to-Capital-for-Entrepreneurs-62353856833/ https://twitter.com/aceloans

Karen Rands Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC

Karen Rands is a Venture Catalyst, a Compassionate Capitalist, Economist, Investor, and Entrepreneur. She is the Leader and Advocate for the Compassionate Capitalist Movement. She believes entrepreneurism is the greatest source for wealth creation. You don't have to be a successful entrepreneur to create generational wealth if you can learn how to invest in those companies that have the potential to be the next big thing, according to Karen. With the recent deregulations, investors of all types have the opportunity to own a piece of an up & coming successful company before they go public or get acquired by a bigger company. Karen has been described by some as a dominant force in the entrepreneur and investor markets with her blog, published articles, frequent speaking engagements, and her Compassionate Capitalist radio show. She has been a frequent speaker and mentor within numerous Small Business and Economic Development initiatives and was the recipient of the Advocate of the Year award in 2016 at the Flight to Freedom Summit in San Ramon, California, for her work to promote Compassionate Capitalism. Karen left the corporate world over a decade ago, having been involved with many product launches, to pursue her passion for seeing innovation funded and to help the entrepreneur and investor community she served create thriving businesses. Karen immersed herself in the world of angel investing, first as the protégé to the founder of the Network of Business Angels

Topics to Discuss: Compassionate Capitalism - creating a movement


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