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Planning Successfully - Let's Talk Business Contracts

Interview with Rett Peaden Shareholder with Davis, Matthews & Quigley, P.C Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Law; Taxation; Estate Planning & Wealth Management

"I want to help my clients achieve their goals and attain the best possible results given their unique circumstances."

Rett’s practice focuses on helping the owners of closely-held businesses and professional services firms exit their businesses, whether that involves selling the business or transferring it to the next generation. Getting a business onto a solid footing with regard to succession planning is essential, and Rett is well-versed in sophisticated tax strategies and entity structuring techniques that may be needed. He will also advise on and guide clients through strategic acquisitions to grow their own businesses. Rett regularly counsels clients on corporate, partnership, and related tax-planning matters, including the negotiation and preparation of mergers and acquisitions agreements, the drafting of shareholders agreements, the formation of limited partnerships and limited liability companies, the structuring of inbound investment opportunities for foreign nationals, the creation and operation of private foundations and public charities, and the review and drafting of executive compensation agreements. In connection with advising the owners of closely-held businesses, Rett has developed a particular interest in the taxation of pass-through entities such as S-Corporations, partnerships, and trusts.

Preserving legacy. The estate planning side of the practice, often done for the owners of closely held businesses, is highly personal, involving an individual’s legacy and the achievements of a lifetime. Rett’s purpose is to help his clients prepare for the future, provide for their families, and accomplish their long-term personal and charitable goals. In doing so, he works to develop plans that are well thought out and emphasize preserving wealth from unnecessary taxes and unanticipated risks. He knows how to take family dynamics into account, and draws insights from his work in business exit-planning and trust and estate administration to help families plan with foresight to avoid problems that could happen later on. Rett is often called upon by other professionals to advise them on the complicated income and transfer tax issues that can arise in the context of trusts and estates. On the trust and estate administration side of the practice, Rett works in both contested and uncontested matters. He assists survivors in managing their inherited wealth, and often continues to serve their families and family businesses as a trusted advisor on the basis of the confidence he inspires in them.

Web site: http://www.dmqlaw.com/attorneys/peaden

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/people/iweReconnectAction

About the show host: Matthew Thiry Shareholder with Davis, Matthews & Quigley, P.C Business Litigation; Fiduciary Litigation; Business Law; Arbitrator and Mediator Services

“I am driven by results. I want to achieve my client’s goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, and do so in a way that’s professional and ethical.”

Guiding the best business decisions. Matt Thiry understands that lawsuits are a disruption to his clients' day-to-day affairs, and require the redirection of time and resources. In his practice, Matt strives to help clients minimize—or avoid—these disruptions. As a result of Matt's sound legal advice as to the best available options to manage their disputes, Matt's clients are able to better determine the course that most closely meets their goals. He consistently and aggressively represents his clients' interests both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Competent, thorough, respected. Matt represents businesses of all sizes, as well as business owners, families, and individuals, in various types of litigation, including disputes related to contracts, construction, business torts, real estate, probate and fiduciary disputes. He also serves clients in matters such as the review, negotiation and drafting of contracts, provides advice to existing businesses and start-ups regarding legal issues, and assists clients in the formation of business entities. Prior to becoming an attorney, Matt's background included computer programming and related experience in the technology field, as well as operating small businesses. This additional experience provides Matt with valuable insight into the issues that his clients encounter. With an approach that strives to understand his clients' business or situation and apply first-rate problem-solving skills, Matt is driven by results: achieving the best possible outcome with the least amount of disruption to his clients.

Arbitrator and Mediator Services. In addition to representing clients in arbitration and mediation, Matt is also registered as an arbitrator and general civil mediator with the Georgia Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution. Matt’s strong litigation background (including mediation, trial and appellate practice, and arbitration experience), combined with the training required in order to be a registered arbitrator and general civil mediator, ideally situate Matt to assist others resolve their disputes either through mediation or arbitration.

Web site: http://www.dmqlaw.com/attorneys/thiry

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewthiry

As the host of DMQ's radio show, Planning Successfully, Matt and his guests discuss topics of interest relating to start-up businesses, existing businesses, business owners, and business executives. Learn more and listen to prior episodes on DMQ's Planning Successfully page or by visiting www.PlanningSuccessfully.com

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Planning Successfully Episode 02


CoFounders Podcast - Ash Said It


Georgia Business Radio - Leapfrog IT, Lung Force, Gurus and BNI


CoFounders Podcast - Rasers and Scrubs

Kim Ribbans and Kraig Cole Company or Product Name: RASER

Brief Description of Your Product or Service: RASER is a Marketing Automation Platform that turns customers into sales people and referrals into cash.

Our patent pending mobile app platform lets businesses recruit existing customers to become marketers, and ensures that their marketing costs are ZERO, until they acquire a new customer.

Users just open the APP to see which of the businesses that you use have offered a cash incentive.

Then they send that offer to their friends. When the friends become customers of that business BOTH get paid in cash!

Users can transfer the cash they make to their bank account, or, in the next phase, use it to buy products and services from participating RASER businesses.

Web Site/Social Media (Optional or N/A): http://www.raser.me/ https://www.facebook.com/RASERApp https://twitter.com/RASERAPP

Show Topics: Our two founders, Kim Ribbans - a 25 year veteran marketer, and Kraig Cole - recent GSU student met as Lyft drivers. This Baby Boomer/Millennial duo identified a need in small to large business marketing for managing referrals and monetizing social 'Likes'. When 18 year old Wunderkind Developer Darran Hall came along they were in business.

Our story is one of bootstrapping the product to MVP+ and creating a new kind of social marketing tool!

Erica Downs Company or Product Name: Scrubs and Scrubs

Brief Description of Your Product or Service: We believe it is definitely time for an upgrade to the medical industry's fashion scene. Our apparel collections are influenced by the contemporary trends of the fashion, music, and entertainment industries. We want you to look and feel great while doing what you love!

Our body scrubs are homemade using only natural and organic ingredients. They are great for anyone who wants to exfoliate before or after a long day. The essential oils in our scrubs contain natural healing properties that can alleviate stress, combat exhaustion, and soothe aching muscles.

Web Site/Social Media: www.scrubsandscrubs.net https://www.instagram.com/scrubsandscrubs/ https://m.facebook.com/scrubsandscrubs/?ref=bookmarks

Show Topics: Our mission and charity. What it's like marketing to two different groups at once in the same space. Overcoming the fear of cold calling and face to face sales.

CoFounders Podcast Conversations with Co-Founders & Start-Ups

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Buckhead Business Show – The Right Staff, Marketing and Soul

The Buckhead Business Show Spotlights Industry Leaders in Buckhead and Atlanta! Brought to you in part by The BBA and Broadcast LIVE from the Pro Business Channel Studios.

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Buckhead Business - The Right Staff, Marketing and Soul


Beyond Glass Ceiling, Women CEO Breaks Down Steel Barriers

Aviva Leebow Wolmer, CEO Pacesetter

Guest BIO: Aviva Leebow Wolmer has been a transformative and commanding force during her tenure of leadership at Pacesetter, the unprecedented leader in innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Aviva is aggressively working to break down the perception that steel is an antiquated industry and replace it with her vision of a vibrant, technology-driven cornerstone of American manufacturing.

Topics/Questions You Would Like to Discuss: Can you tell us about Pacesetter and what you do there?

How is Pacesetter a unique company in the steel industry?

What does company culture mean to you?

How has that focus on culture changed Pacesetter?

As a young female CEO in a male-dominated industry, what have you learned?

Is there anything exciting happening with the Pacesetter team that you'd like to talk about?

Web Site and Social Media:

Pacesetter site/social media http://teampacesetter.com/ https://twitter.com/TeamPacesetter https://www.facebook.com/teampacesetter/?fref=ts

Aviva personal site/social media http://www.avivaleebowwolmer.com https://twitter.com/ALeebowWolmer https://www.linkedin.com/in/avivaleebowwolmer https://www.facebook.com/AvivaLeebow

Georgia Business Radio hosted by: Rich Casanova

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Security Hackers, Personal Brands, Matchmaking, Fun Challenges and CoWorking

Alejandro Cremades CoFounder & Executive Chairman at Onevest

In 2010, Cremades founded with Tanya Prive, Onevest (formerly RockThePost) where they operate products that support founder, investors and advisors in early stage companies. After one year of development they were able to launch to the public on November 23, 2011. In less than a year, the company was already mentioned by TIME as one of the best platforms in the world, also as one of the top 10 digital tools for entrepreneurs by Forbes and as one of the hottest startups to watch by Business Insider.

Cremades joined officially as CEO of Onevest on May 1, 2012. Prior to Onevest, Cremades worked as a lawyer at King & Spalding where he was involved in one of the biggest investment arbitration cases in history which was Chevron v. Ecuador ($113 billion at stake).

Cremades is an active speaker and has given guest lectures at the Wharton School of Business and at NYU Stern School of Business. Cremades was ranked number one on Vanity Fair's 30 Under 30 for 2014, in the Top 30 under 30 list of Entrepreneur Magazine (Spanish version), as well as GQ's Top 33 Under 33.

Cremades is the author of The Art of Startup Fundraising. With a foreword by Barbara Corcoran, and published by John Wiley & Sons, The Art of Startup Fundraising takes a fresh look at raising money for startups. Raising capital is an art. Every single ingredient needs to be perfectly balanced in the process in order to secure capital successfully.

Specialties: startups, startup investing, fundraising, angel investing, crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, recruiting, strategy, business development, legal, crowdsourcing, team building, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation.


Aja Anderson, City Lead Wework

Tenacious. Ambitious. Passionate. I get things done. There's never an excuse for missing the mark in my professional universe. If someone says "we can't", I get us to "we can." I never identify a problem without offering 10 solutions, and I love finding the answer that takes us to the next level.

An eclectic portfolio in startups, non-profits, government, and education has molded me into a bonafide jill of all trades. I facilitate success for my clients and my company through excellent customer service, obsessive attention to detail, leading by example, and sparkling wit.

I want to change the way we work. I spend my day identifying how best to enhance our brand new collaborative workspace in SF's Central Market district; how to invigorate the local business community; and supporting the dreams of over 300 inspiring entrepreneurs.

www.wework.com/locations/atlanta/buckhead www.twitter.com/weworkatl

Nick Santora Curricula

Brief Description of Your Product or Service: we are a cyber security company that teaches other companies how to not get hacked. We have a platform that automates content creation and delivery and allows organizations to teach their staff about cyber security risks. Our team creates custom animated stories that learners go through to learn about topics all while tracking analytics about user behaviors.

Show Topics: We have a unique story on how we got started and did not take traditional approach of other startups. We are self funded. I would like to talk about the challenges and current landscape we are solving and how we plan to grow.

Web Site/Social Media:

www.GetCurricula.com LinkedIn Curricula facebook.com/getcurricula Twitter @Curricula

Matt St Louis

Company or Product Name: 1UPd

Brief Description of Your Product or Service:

1UPd is a social gaming app that allows users to create and issue challenges to their friends, Compete for cool prizes, and share their experiences across social media.

Web Site/Social Media:


Show Topics: Product creation / development. Progress / stages. Business Model / revenue ideas. Whats next for 1UPd

Charlie Rigby

Company or Product Name: 1UPd, Inc

Provide us with a Brief Description of Your Product or Service:

iPhone App that allows you to issue challenges, vote on challenges and win prizes.

Web Site/Social Media:

Website: www.get1upd.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1UPdApp/?fref=ts LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10531344?trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Acompany%2CclickedEntityId%3A10531344%2Cidx%3A1-2-2%2CtarId%3A1464696803373%2Ctas%3A1upd

Christien Louviere

Company or Product Name: SellPersonal

Provide us with a Brief Description of Your Product or Service: We help entrepreneurs, executives and influencers build their personal brands.

Show Topics: Personal Branding for thought leaders such as executives, entrepreneurs and influencers.

Web Site/Social Media:

http://sellpersonal.com https://www.facebook.com/sellpersonal/ https://twitter.com/sell_personal https://www.linkedin.com/company/sellpersonal https://www.instagram.com/sell_personal/ Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sell-personal-podcast/id1040499178?mt=2

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Atlanta Legal Experts Radio Host: Emily Rowell on the Pro Business Channel

Atlanta Legal Experts Radio Show where attorneys come to share their expertise and make connections with the other guests. We also host networking events for attorneys, business owners, CPA’s & financial professionals. Speed network with attorneys, business owners, CPA’s, & Financial Planners based on an intelligent analysis of your company’s Referral Source Analytic s. As a Professional Connector, I practice the law of reciprocity in my everyday life.

Attorneys and business owners looking for an affordable Atlanta office and business services to help you build your business, contact: Emily Rowell Peachtree Offices 404-250-3200 emily@peachtreeoffices.com

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Steve Barclay, Director Hong Kong Economic Trade Office

Mr Steve Barclay was appointed Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, New York on August 5, 2014. He is responsible for promoting and strengthening the business, trade and cultural ties between Hong Kong and 31 eastern states of the United States.

Prior to the appointment, Mr Barclay was Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Sydney for four years until July 2014. Before then, he was a public sector reform advocate and internal management consultant in the Government’s Efficiency Unit for nearly a decade.

Mr Barclay has served in a wide variety of posts within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, with policy responsibilities including consumer protection, intellectual property, housing, and environmental protection. He has served as a District Officer in Hong Kong and also as Hong Kong’s economic and commercial representative in Brussels. Mr Barclay has twice been responsible for drafting the Chief Executive’s Policy Address.

Mr Barclay first joined the Hong Kong Government as an Inspector in the Hong Kong Police in 1979. He transferred to the civil service in 1982.

Mr Barclay is married with two adult children.

The info for the Economic and Trade office.

"Set up in 1983, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York is the office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government tasked to promote and strengthen the economic and trade links between Hong Kong and the 31 eastern states of the USA.

As the world’s freest economy, Hong Kong is a leading international business and financial center, as well as a regional transportation and logistics hub. It is the gateway to China and remains a choice location for international companies to oversee and manage their regional operations.

Our office works with American businesses that are keen to invest in Hong Kong or gain a foothold in the burgeoning Mainland Chinese market through the territory. We are in close contact with state and city governments, think tanks, academia and the media to keep them abreast of latest developments on Hong Kong. Promotional events, such as dragon boat festivals and film festivals are also held regularly to enhance cultural ties with major cities on the east coast.

Web site regarding trade statistics: http://www.hketony.gov.hk/ny/map/index.html

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Taneshia Marshall, Founder of THRIVEedu

Company or Product Name: THRIVEedu Retention and Advancement Software for at-risk students

Guest BIO: Inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Taneshia Marshall (professionally known as TMarshal), uses intrinsic re-conditioning to help herself and others achieve more success in all areas. Through years experiencing various forms of abuse; placed in shelters and foster homes; living homeless at 17 and on a quest to find her true identity, TMarshals set out to create a better quality of life. Her inspirational works provide beneficial tools for anyone who is ready to make the transition from living a mundane existence to experiencing a more desired life. TMarshals fusion of real-life stories and conversational techniques are included in her works which connect with audiences at an intimate level.

Topics/Questions You Would Like to Discuss: "How Today's Women Balance Work, Family, and Life...Women on the Move!"

Web Site and Social Media: www.tmarshal.com www.thriveedu.com www.facebook.com/Taneshia Marshall https://twitter.com/tmarshal3d

Meery Green, CEO MGPGE Events & Black Women Expo

Topics/Questions You Would Like to Discuss: How Today's Women Balances Work, Family and Life....Women on the Move!

Web Site and Social Media: http://www.mgpgevents.com

Terry Johnson Innovative Marketing Group, Inc.

Topics/Questions You Would Like to Discuss: How Today's Women Balances Work, Family and Life....Women on the Move!

Web Site and Social Media: http://www.invmarketinggroup.com

Georgia Business Radio hosted by: Craig Williams

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