Diaper Inventor Saving Lives

Michael Wahl DriButts

Guest BIO: Michael Wahl is Founder and Lead Storyteller of Dributts, a non profit company created after he invented a diaper for third world countries. This diaper has helped stop the spread of disease and saved lives around the world. He also developed a unique delivery process that connects individuals to the need through a personalized image. Dributts has received many acknowledgments for innovation and was the winner of The Idea Competition at Plywood Presents in 2014. Michael has over 21 years of experience in ministry and missions and has dedicated his life to creating simple solutions to huge problems that plaque the helpless. He has been married to his wife and co-founder Starla Wahl for 19 years and have both been blessed with 3 amazing daughters.

Topics/Questions You Would Like to Discuss: Why Diapers? How can other get involved in our story?

Web Site and Social Media: Dributts.com @dributts facebook.com/dributts

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Brittany Benson

Company or Product Name: The Branding Bar

Provide us with a Brief Description of Your Product or Service: Social Media Marketing agency. I help small businesses and entrepreneurs build digital brands online.

Web Site/Social Media: @thebrandingbar on Instagram www.thebrandingbar.com

Keisha Reaves

Company or Product Name: Workout Couch

Provide us with a Brief Description of Your Product or Service (See sample ideas below): I am a mental health therapist that combines fitness and mental health to promote overall wellbeing for clients.

Web Site/Social Media: www.workoutcouch.com @workout_couch

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First up is Viren Mayani, who is not unfamiliar with President Obama, having been invited to the White House for Diwali - the Indian festival of lights! He has worked with several Nobel laureates, and is an exemplary member of the Asian-American community here in Atlanta. He has sat on the board of many non-profits here in Georgia including: the WWAAC Alliance Foundation, the India China America Institute, Gandhi Foundation USA, Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (GIACC), The iSchool Initiative, American India Foundation (AIF), and more. From this list alone, you can see the range of his philanthropic interests and don’t forget he still runs his own consulting company, Commensurate Consulting LLC up in Acworth, GA! You can reach him by emailing vmayani141@gmail.com or view his LinkedIn profile.


Next up is Glen Laman, an entrepreneur from Jamaica, and recent author of the phenomenally reviewed Jamaican Entrepreneurship: A review of the characteristics, traits and ideas underlying the success of some of the island's most accomplished entrepreneurs.

You can buy your copy here.

Laman is a proponent of the four day work week, and increased access to banking around the world. He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies including Atlanta’s own Coca-Cola company. He is currently on the faculty board of Kingston University, and has been editor of the university’s newspaper for the past 13 years! You can follow him on twitter @glenlaman.


Make it a Pro Business Day!

Ayesha Abid – Show Project Manager

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Inaugural Episode of Planning Successfully!

Your Host: Matthew R. Thiry SHAREHOLDER Business Litigation; Fiduciary Litigation; Business Law; Arbitrator and Mediator Services

“I am driven by results. I want to achieve my client’s goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, and do so in a way that’s professional and ethical.”

Guiding the best business decisions. Matt Thiry understands that lawsuits are a disruption to his clients' day-to-day affairs, and require the redirection of time and resources. In his practice, Matt strives to help clients minimize—or avoid—these disruptions. As a result of Matt's sound legal advice as to the best available options to manage their disputes, Matt's clients are able to better determine the course that most closely meets their goals. He consistently and aggressively represents his clients' interests both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Competent, thorough, respected. Matt represents businesses of all sizes, as well as business owners, families, and individuals, in various types of litigation, including disputes related to contracts, construction, business torts, real estate, probate and fiduciary disputes. He also serves clients in matters such as the review, negotiation and drafting of contracts, provides advice to existing businesses and start-ups regarding legal issues, and assists clients in the formation of business entities. Prior to becoming an attorney, Matt's background included computer programming and related experience in the technology field, as well as operating small businesses. This additional experience provides Matt with valuable insight into the issues that his clients encounter. With an approach that strives to understand his clients' business or situation and apply first-rate problem-solving skills, Matt is driven by results: achieving the best possible outcome with the least amount of disruption to his clients.

Arbitrator and Mediator Services. In addition to representing clients in arbitration and mediation, Matt is also registered as an arbitrator and general civil mediator with the Georgia Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution. Matt’s strong litigation background (including mediation, trial and appellate practice, and arbitration experience), combined with the training required in order to be a registered arbitrator and general civil mediator, ideally situate Matt to assist others resolve their disputes either through mediation or arbitration.


Everett Peaden SHAREHOLDER Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Law; Taxation; Estate Planning & Wealth Management

"I want to help my clients achieve their goals and attain the best possible results given their unique circumstances."

Business and Tax. Rett’s practice focuses on helping the owners of closely-held businesses and professional services firms exit their businesses, whether that involves selling the business or transferring it to the next generation. Getting a business onto a solid footing with regard to succession planning is essential, and Rett is well-versed in sophisticated tax strategies and entity structuring techniques that may be needed. He will also advise on and guide clients through strategic acquisitions to grow their own businesses. Rett regularly counsels clients on corporate, partnership, and related tax-planning matters, including the negotiation and preparation of mergers and acquisitions agreements, the drafting of shareholders agreements, the formation of limited partnerships and limited liability companies, the structuring of inbound investment opportunities for foreign nationals, the creation and operation of private foundations and public charities, and the review and drafting of executive compensation agreements. In connection with advising the owners of closely-held businesses, Rett has developed a particular interest in the taxation of pass-through entities such as S-Corporations, partnerships, and trusts.

Preserving legacy. The estate planning side of the practice, often done for the owners of closely held businesses, is highly personal, involving an individual’s legacy and the achievements of a lifetime. Rett’s purpose is to help his clients prepare for the future, provide for their families, and accomplish their long-term personal and charitable goals. In doing so, he works to develop plans that are well thought out and emphasize preserving wealth from unnecessary taxes and unanticipated risks. He knows how to take family dynamics into account, and draws insights from his work in business exit-planning and trust and estate administration to help families plan with foresight to avoid problems that could happen later on. Rett is often called upon by other professionals to advise them on the complicated income and transfer tax issues that can arise in the context of trusts and estates. On the trust and estate administration side of the practice, Rett works in both contested and uncontested matters. He assists survivors in managing their inherited wealth, and often continues to serve their families and family businesses as a trusted advisor on the basis of the confidence he inspires in them.

Hayley Strong Hall ASSOCIATE Estate Planning & Wealth Management; Mergers & Acquisitions; Taxation; Fiduciary Litigation

“I appreciate the importance of having a personalized and comprehensive estate plan in place, and I enjoy working with my clients to ensure their estate planning objectives are achieved.”

Peace of mind through advanced planning. As an Estate Planning and Wealth Management attorney, Hayley Strong Hall focuses her practice on drafting estate and disability planning documents and guiding families through the probate process. Hayley’s attention to detail and individualized approach when drafting estate plans help to assure clients that their wishes will be honored. On the probate side, Hayley’s thoroughness and responsiveness when assisting with estate administrations help to ease clients through a process that can otherwise be painstaking and overwhelming. Hayley strives to make each client a priority and hopes clients will come away feeling confident and positive about their experiences with her.

Thorough review of corporate transactions. Hayley’s practice also includes assisting companies with asset and stock sales and acquisitions. Through her comprehensive due diligence review, her research regarding the tax consequences resulting from corporate transfers, and her ability to anticipate issues that can arise during such transfers, Hayley is able to assist corporate clients in successfully completing their transactions. Serving companies in these complex transactions, Hayley strives to provide responsive, client-focused service.

Hayley is also a member of DMQ's Probate and Fiduciary Litigation practice group, where she assists clients in probate matters, including probating an estate, estate disputes, fiduciary dispute, guardianships and conservatorships.

While at Mercer, Hayley served as the Articles Editor of the Mercer Law Review and was inducted into the Brainerd Currie Honor Society. At the University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law, Hayley served as a Student Editor on the Florida Tax Review.

Planning Successfully

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For more info about Davis, Matthews & Quigley, P.C. visit: Web site: http://www.dmqlaw.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/dmqlaw Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/davis-matthews-&-quigley-p.c.

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Andrew and Joy Gregory, CoFounders Diplomat Communications

Brief Description of Product or Service: We provide translation and localization for all major languages. We are a B2B and B2C company. We are unique because of the technologies we use to provide high quality translation and localization.

Show Topics: Our story is unique because Zhewei graduated from the first PhD program in Translation in the US. She is highly knowledgeable on the technologies available for translators and interpreters. Our mission is to empower people to communicate on a global scale.

Web Site/Social Media: Twitter: @diplomatatl LinkedIn: Diplomat Translation Facebook: Diplomat Communication

Kenya Jackson-Saulters, Founder The Outdoor Journal Tour

Brief Description of Product or Service: We are the first Hybrid Health organization of our kind to merge outdoor activity with journaling and guided meditation to expedite the personal development of our participants. I'd like to talk about the changing face of mental health and how alternative methods are needed to truly reach the populations that need it most. I also want to talk about the importance of outdoor activity on the overall health of women.

Show Topics: 1. Why did you start Outdoor Journal Tour? 2. How is ODJT unique? 3. What is the science behind your methods? 4. How are the tours beneficial to participants? 5. What type of tours do you do? 6. What other resources are included in the ODJT suite of services?

Web Site/Social Media: www.outdoorjournaltour.com www.instagram.com/outdoorjournaltour www.facebook.com/outdoorjournaltour

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Steve Akinboro Harvest Global Consulting

Guest BIO: Widely accomplished global senior operations executive and change agent who accelerates business results in the highly competitive multi-unit branded retail foodservice industry. Akinboro started his career at McDonalds cleaning bath rooms and flipping hamburgers and rose to Executive Vice President at Dominos. A consensus builder and servant leader adept at building high performance cultures that deliver record-setting improvements in revenue, EBITDA, employee engagement and customer experience. Recognized for ability to identify, assess and enhance critical business drivers, having been instrumental in turning around Dominos Pizza and putting multiple McDonalds regions on the path to unprecedented growth and profitability. Extensive global experience, high emotional intelligence and personal accountability, and an exceptional ability to engage and inspire others combine with a sense of urgency to deliver results in key performance areas.

Steve is the author of 50 Promises: Faith-Based Strategies for Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Topics/Questions: Hope and inspiration Leadership Navigating through work place politics Work/Life Balance

Web Site and Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steveakinboro

Tracy Neal & Glenn Gordon Tracy Neal & Company & Gordon Enterprises

Guest BIO: Tracy R. Neal is a mom, entrepreneur, innovator and author. With more than 23 years of experience in corporate America, she has worked in various roles from a consultant at a global consulting firm to a lead role at a Fortune 100 beverage company. She has two companies, Tracy Neal & Company (www.tracyneal.com) and TrustIntellect (www.trustintellect.com). She also has a non-profit organization, focused on helping single parent entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on single mothers, start businesses from ideation to launch. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Emory University in Atlanta Ga., and a Masters of Science in Project Management from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. She is an active member of On Board, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of females on Boards in the state of Georgia. In 2014, she was inducted into the National Association of Professional Womens VIP Woman of the Year Circle 2014-2015. She is also a member and active contributor to the Harvard Business Review Discussion Group, a member of the Technology Association of Georgia, a member of StartUp Atlanta, Atlanta Chapter Vice President of Women of Global Change. She also owns 2 Copyrights and 5 Patents.

Topics/Questions: - Business Strategy - Intellectual Property - Partnerships & Affiliations - Work/Life Balance

Web Site and Social Media: www.tracyneal.com www.trustintellect.com www.wegotchabackgov.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracy-neal-9b6a5912

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Kelli Kelley Partner, Creative Director Kelley Brand Communications

Guest BIO: Los Angeles native, Kelli Kelley began her career in communications over a decade ago serving as Public Relations Coordinator for WalMart brand Faded Glory in their New York office.

After several years of working in public relations and other creative fields, she decided to launch her own firm, Kelli Flournoy PR focusing on fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

As digital marketing and social media began to explode, Kelli decided to rebrand her company to reflect the industry shift of an organic fusion of public relations and marketing.

Kelley Brand Communications is a digital firm focused on fully integrated communications strategies designed to connect, inspire and engage.

Topics/Questions: Digital marketing, social media etc.

- What exactly is digital marketing? - Whats a really big trend in digital marketing right now? - What are some of the challenges in your business? And how do you overcome them? - What mistakes do companies commonly make when it comes to social media?

Web Site and Social Media: Website http://http://www.kelleybrandcomm.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kelleybrandcomm/ Twitter https://twitter.com/kelleybrandcomm Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kelleybrandcomm YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/kelleybrandcommunications

Jennifer Howard, Financial Advisor Edward Jones

Guest BIO: At Edward Jones, I know from experience that it takes hard work, sound planning and an eye on the future to run a successful business. That is why I work with business owners and plan sponsors to utilize a strategic approach to manage their retirement plan. I work with organizations to create and maintain a quality retirement plan by providing tailored service and educational support.

I came to Edward Jones in 2008 because I enjoying assisting investors in achieving their financial goals. My background includes graduating from Georgia Tech in engineering and having a career as a consultant for IBM, where I advised numerous Fortune 500 companies.

As a home town gal, I promote local business development. I am a Charter Member of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce and proudly served on the board of directors. I was the recipient of the Outstanding Service Award from the Project Management Institute. Through my involvement in the Technology Association of Georgia and Women in Technology, I support the development of technology in the Atlanta area.

My greatest strength is my family, their love and support means the world to me. During my down time, I enjoy traveling both locally and abroad. Some of my favorite trips include visiting Italy with my sister and my weekends away to the North Georgia mountains with my husband.

It is important that I invest my time to understand what you're working toward. I believe its important to extensively review your situation and prepare a retirement plan specific to your business.

Topics/Questions You Would Like to Discuss: Today's market and opportunities for business owners

Web Site and Social Media: https://www.edwardjones.com/Jennifer-howard

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Matthew Bennett, Paris Humphrey, and Andy Wu CoFounders of Placemint

Brief Description of Product or Service: B2B. Placemint is a recruiting SaaS here in Atlanta, we aggregates thousands of developers with no candidate action required, all over the US, and gives recruiters a complete breakdown of those developers on an individual basis. Each developer profile includes charts of their skill set, job history, links to all of their social profiles and even their contact info (including phone number). This allows recruiters to easily access thousands of developer profiles from one simple search.

Web Site/Social Media: Website: Placemint.io twitter: placemint_io facebook: https://www.facebook.com/placemint

Andrew McConnell, Founder Rented.com

Brief Description of Product or Service: rented.com is the leading online marketplace that helps owners of second homes find the best professional rental managers for their homes. This helps owns make more money, while doing less work, and ensures their homes are taken care of when they aren't there.

Show Topics: 1. Sharing economy broadly 2. Regulation and the sharing economy 3. Impact on traditional businesses 4. Travel trends - Marriott/Starwood, Accor acquisitions, Expedia buying HomeAway, etc. 5. Startups broadly 6. Startup recruiting and hiring 7. Startups and parenthood (blog series I write on this)

Web Site/Social Media: rented.com Twitter: @rentedcom Facebook: http://facebook.com/rentedcom Instagram: @rentedcom

Chad Massaker, Founder

Carceron: Managed IT Services Speakeasy: Counter Culture Networking for business owners and executives looking to escape traditional chamber of commerce or other speed networking type mixers.

Show Topics: Carceron: cloud googles - why small business owners need to think carefully before abdicating their business infrastructure to the cloud.

Speakeasy: How the recent FDA ruling affects cigar manufacturers, stores, etc

www.Carceron.net www.SpeakeasyCounterCulture.com

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Dr. Nathan Berner Berner Family Chiropractic

Guest BIO: Dr. Berner is an upper cervical chiropractor, who specializes in the cranial cervical junction and motion analysis of the spine using video x-ray. Additionally he is a board certified instructor in the Orthospinology system teaching doctors and students how to best analyze the upper cervical spine and its relationship to the brainstem and how it affects the entire body.

Topics/Questions: Upper Cervical Spine Whiplash injuries Post Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Cervical Cranial Junction MRI

Web Site and Social Media: www.BernerChiro.com https://www.facebook.com/Berner-Family-Chiropractic-183295828350624/?fref=ts https://twitter.com/bernerchiro https://www.youtube.com/user/EastCobbChiro

Cooper Knowles The Law Office of C. Cooper Knowles, LLC

Guest BIO: Cooper Knowles specializes in complex civil litigation involving damages to the environment and real property.

Topics/Questions: Georgia's trespass and nuisance statutes.

Web Site and Social Media: http://profiles.superlawyers.com/georgia/atlanta/lawfirm/the-law-office-of-c-cooper-knowles/75e2baad-3469-4d49-a308-93d8ebe45b29.html

Law and Medicine Show!

Advocates for Justice. Interviewing Leaders of Law and Medicine.

Join Show Host and Guests Every 2nd Tuesday 11:00 am Broadcasting LIVE from Pro Business Channel Studios in Atlanta.

Support our show sponsor at: www.PrinceMay.com 678-253-4627

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Atlanta Legal Experts Radio Host: Emily Rowell on the Pro Business Channel

Atlanta Legal Experts Radio Show where attorneys come to share their expertise and make connections with the other guests. We also host networking events for attorneys, business owners, CPA’s & financial professionals. Speed network with attorneys, business owners, CPA’s, & Financial Planners based on an intelligent analysis of your company’s Referral Source Analytic s. As a Professional Connector, I practice the law of reciprocity in my everyday life.

Attorneys and business owners looking for an affordable Atlanta office and business services to help you build your business, contact: Emily Rowell Peachtree Offices 404-250-3200 emily@peachtreeoffices.com

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David Deutsch, Owner Presents of Mine Franchising

Guest BIO: David is a 30 year veteran in the franchise industry. He got his start in franchising as Founder and CEO of ExecuTrain from 1984 through 1997. ExecuTrain grew to sales of $175M at 225 sites in 26 countries with 3K employees training 1.2M students a year. Inc. magazine listed ExecuTrain among the Fastest Growing Private Companies three times. David was also named Ernst & Youngs Entrepreneur of The Year in 1995. After ExecuTrain, David consulted with over half a dozen companies and helped them launch and grow their franchise companies. In September 2013, David and his wife Kim moved up to Blue Ridge, GA and started a new business, Presents of Mine. Presents of Mine is a store front and online store that specializes in personalized and monogrammed gifts. They sell products that are typically personalized in the same day. After 2 years of success, they decided to put their franchise skills to use and decided to franchise Presents of Mine.

Topics/Questions: 1-Franchise Experience 2-Why did you decide to move to Blue Ridge and open up a retail store 3-Were your initial plans to franchise Presents of Mine from the beginning 4-With all of your years of franchise experience, why do you think franchising was the right strategy for POM 5-Where do you see the best locations for POM to expand to

Web Site and Social Media: www.presentsofmine.com http://www.presentsofminefranchise.com https://www.facebook.com/presentsofmine/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/10166698?trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Acompany%2CclickedEntityId%3A10166698%2Cidx%3A2-1-2%2CtarId%3A1461610478976%2Ctas%3Apresents%20of%20

Sharon Estroff, Founder/CEO Challenge Island Global

Guest BIO: Sharon is founder and CEO of Challenge Island™ an international educational franchise on the forefront of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Education and 21st Century Learning. . She is an award-winning elementary school teacher with two decades of experience in Atlanta public and private schools. Sharon started Challenge Island in her second grade classroom and began running it as an enrichment business using the current model in 2003. She has began franchising the program in 2013 and now has nearly 50 franchises across the United States and internationally. Sharon is a nationally recognized parenting and education expert and a freelance writer for numerous national publications including Scholastic Parent and Child, Parents, Womans Day and Good Housekeeping magazines. She is the author of the popular parenting book, Can I Have a Cell Phone for Hanukkah? (Random House) and co-author of the upcoming Challenge Island book series that turns the Challenge Island curriculum into an exciting and educational story. She is sought-after speaker who has presented to scores of communities nationwide about the trials and tribulations of raising kids in the digital age. Sharon received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Emory University where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude. She continues to run her local Challenge Island business in Atlanta where she beta tests every lesson and provides her franchisees with hands-on training in the trenches.

Topics/Questions: What is the mission of Challenge Island? What makes Challenge Island so unique in the children's franchise market? What does a Challenge Island class look and feel like? What is the Challenge Island business model and what are the profit centers?

Web Site and Social Media: www.challenge-island.com https://www.facebook.com/CITribalHeadquarters/ https://www.facebook.com/CIMarietta/

Michael Rosenthal, Attorney at Law Wagner, Johnston & Rosenthal, P.C.

Guest BIO: Practicing attorney for 35+ years, with practice focus on franchise and distribution law. 1980 graduate of Univ. of Fla. College of law. Assistant Attorney General, State of Georgia, 1980-4. Special Projects Coordinator, Ga. Governors Office of Consumer Affairs, 1984-5. Private practice of law since 1984. Active member of ABA Forum on Franchising and Georgia Bar's Section on Franchise and Distribution Law. Represents franchisors, franchisees, product distributors and licensors in all their legal needs. His practice is national in scope, representing clients all over the U.S., along with inbound franchise sellers wishing to do business in the U.S. and outbound franchise sellers wishing to do business overseas. His firm, Wagner, Johnston & Rosenthal, P.C., is celebrating its 35th year in business, and focuses on the representation of private held businesses.

Topics/Questions: 1. I am interested in buying a franchise and the franchisor just gave a Franchise Disclosure Document. From a legal standpoint, what should I be looking for or at? 2. I have an attorney I've been happy with and used for other business or personal matters. Why should I use a franchise law attorney when considering buying a franchise? 3. Can you please explain to me the process that I go through with you if I want to franchise my business?

Web Site and Social Media: www.wjrlaw.com www.linkedin/in/michael-rosenthal

The Franchise Business Radio show is a platform to bring together franchise professionals and resources to connect, educate, and collaborate to serve the franchise community and the

franchise consumer. Spotlighting Leaders in the Franchise Industry Experts in funding, legal, marketing and consulting.

Franchise Business Radio hosted by: Pam Currie, Founder www.FranchiseIntellect.com

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Jennifer Bodner, Founder Babbit Bodner

Partnered with Starbucks on the launch of Pike Place Roast and Via ReadyBrew -- managing communications including global media relations, tastemaker outreach, and supporting CEO Howard Schultz during media interviews

Managed the communications strategy for the eBay Inc. rebrand. Worked across the enterprise to shift perception of eBay from auction house to “largest marketplace in the world”

Provided executive visibility direction for PayPal CMO during the PayPal/eBay Inc. separation – one of the largest corporate separations in history -- including management of social media, events, awards and media.

Previous roles include Executive Vice President and Deputy General Manager at Edelman; Executive Vice President and Lead of US Consumer Practice at Grayling

Named one of the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “40 Under 40”

LEAD Atlanta Class of 2011

Community Involvement: Board Member, Ian’s Friends Foundation, a non-profit that supports research for pediatric brain cancer; additionally, several leadership roles at Temple Sinai Preschool and Pace Academy

Web Site: www.BabbitBodner.com

Storiboard Nation

Provide us with a Brief Description of Your Product or Service (See sample ideas below): Storiboard Nation is an online social network that gives students access to role models. Where would a kid go today to ask a question from someone who has been where they are trying to go? The answer is storiboard. Role models are not about being perfect people, or financially successful, it's about people who are willing to share their experiences and their stories. Simply responding to students who have questions, and dreams. Responding online with video messages.

Web Site/Social Media: www.StoriboardNation.com https://twitter.com/storiboardworld https://www.facebook.com/storiboardnation https://www.youtube.com/user/storiboardnation https://www.instagram.com/storiboardnation/

Show Topics: How do you find young entrepreneurs today? How do you know what's really happening in schools with our kids? Do the kids feel optimistic about the future?

Conversations with Co-Founders & Start-Ups

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Hunter Hill Georgia State Senator President, Tommy Newberry Coaching

Guest BIO: Senator Hunter Hill is a native of Vinings and Buckhead, and he and his family live in Smyrna. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Management and Civil Engineering, Hunter became a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. He went on to graduate from the Airborne, the Air Assault, and the US Army Ranger Schools. In June 2001, Hunter took command of a rifle platoon with the 101st Airborne Division, which he led into battle in Afghanistan in 2002. Hunter subsequently led another platoon into battle in Iraq in 2003, and he commanded 3 different teams on other deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to his combat roles, Hunter also served as a General’s aide in Iraq, and earned two Bronze Stars, the Meritorious Service Medal, and two Army Commendation Medals. Like his Army career, Hunter’s business career is about leadership development. Hunter is currently the President of Tommy Newberry Coaching, where he leverages his military, real estate development, and security industry experience to lead and grow his business. Sen. Hill was elected to the State Senate in 2012, and was appointed by his colleagues to serve as deputy whip. He was chosen to serve as Vice Chairman of the Veterans, Military and Homeland Security Committee, and Secretary of the Senate Finance Committee and the State and Local Governmental Operations Committee. He is also a member of the Judiciary Non-Civil, Retirement, and Reapportionment and Redistricting committees. He was also appointed by Governor Nathan Deal to sit on the MARTOC Committee. In his first year in the Senate, Hunter was awarded by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce as the Freshman Legislator of the Year. He was also given a 100% rating from the American Conservative Union. In addition to his leadership roles, Hunter is active in the community. He has volunteered to assist the Smyrna Veterans Committee, the Cobb County Citizens Oversight Committee for the T-SPLOST, and the Georgia Energy Forum. Hunter graduated from the inaugural class of the Conservative Policy Leadership Institute in 2010. Hunter is married to Shannan Reese Hill. They are the proud parents of Hunter Bradley Hill, Junior and Annie Christine Hill. The Hills attend Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Buckhead.

President, Tommy Newberry Coaching Tommy Newberry has been helping successful entrepreneurs and leaders achieve their goals since 1991. Just like top athletes, all top performers need the guidance, wisdom, and accountability that a good coach provides.

Coaches help you Identify your dreams, Improve your goals, Illustrate your vision, Initiate your teams, Institute your plans, and even Imagine new paths. You should consider Tommy Newberry Coaching if you want to take your whole life from good to great or from great to “the best.”

With Tommy's coaching, you will learn to work smarter, realize your genius, and achieve success in all areas of life.

World class athletes have coaches, Top entertainers have coaches, top executives have coaches, successful leaders have coaches....who's coaching you??

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Chris Grigalunas, Owner/General Manager Azul Motorsports

Guest BIO: If you want to impress clients, or reward your people, stop going to the golf course, or attending forgettable dinners get them on the track!

Im Chris, owner of Azul Motorsports, your one stop for client entertainment, employee recognition, and team building. With hands on, in the cockpit, on the track riding experiences for individuals and groups!

My team and I create race car ride along experiences with up to 30 cars on the track, at the same time. Which is a great way to impress clients or promote team building in an organization.

Impress clients, enhance your brand, call Azul for a motorsports plan!

Topics/Questions: What tracks do you go to? What cars are in your fleet? How fast do you go? What are the options to participate with Azul Motorsports? What are good referrals for Azul Motorsports? What are the advertising opportunities available with Azul Motorsports? What is next?

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Segun J. Adesanya, Chief Operating Officer Sanya Air Cargo

Welcome to the fourth episode of International Business Radio! Our guest this week is Segun J. Adesanya part of Sanya Airways based in Atlanta’s own Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. With a focus on increasing trade between America and Africa, Sanya Airways imports and exports cargo from Atlanta, Nigeria, Ghana, and even Germany. The company started only two years ago, but Segun himself has spent most of his career in the aviation business and has his own pilot’s license. The company normally operates with ‘normal’ consumer products, but be on the lookout downtown for a giraffe! As Segun recounts having once transported one to Atlanta.

The mission for him is to increase awareness of the viability of the African market. He wants to increase the community feel between American and Africa, so it no longer feels like a far off world. As he tells it, Sanya Airways has a number of regular clients and can transport up to 45 tons per trip! If you’re a manufacturer thinking about expanding into the African market look to Sanya Airways to transport your products. They can offer competitive rates and they have many services to offer their clients. Segun is looking to expand the number of countries, and cities in Africa he transports cargo to and along the way acquire more planes. A Sanya Airways fleet may be on the horizon because Segun is looking to put Sanya on the map as the number one international air freight company in Atlanta.

Check out their site @: http://www.sanyaairways.com

or give them a call @: 1 (866)-922-4060

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