Parents Tammy and Tony Reveal Family Law Pitfalls Parents Tammy and Tony speak out to reveal for others the potential pitfalls of our Family Law system after being trapped in unnecessary litigation. There is no easy or nice way to put this, as the pitfalls were caused by dishonest attorneys seeking to prolong the litigation, …

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James O’Brien is the Producer and Co-Host of 92.5 FM’s The Bear Country Sports Show, the only radio show featuring high school prep sports year round in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

James began with 92.5 FM The Bear by co-hosting Hometown Radio and producing shows which focused on areas of state-wide interest with Georgia authors, the Georgia film making industry and local non-profits.

Some of his most memorable interviews include the legendary Vince Dooley, former Georgia Bulldogs football coach and athletic director, Jim Fowler from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and Hunter Strickland with the world championship San Francisco Giants.

James, a native Georgian, and long time girls’ softball coach, is the proud father of three daughters and a grandson.

In addition to his role with 92.5 FM The Bear, James hosts (the newly launched) Pro Advocate Radio’s weekly show with My Advocacy Center’s Executive Director, Deb Beacham.


Nick Lulli Investigative Reporter WFXG News Reporter Nick Lulli joined Pro Advocate Radio to discuss the tribulations seen and heard in the Augusta Judicial District, specifically found in Superior Court cases involving family law matters. Child Custody, Divorce and parenting conflict have caused a large public outcry over prolonged litigation and damages ranging from children being …

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